Valerie Patterson

YEAR 1963


Art To Start The Conversation...

Born in 1963, Patterson grew up in Ogdensburg, NY, the daughter of a Presbyterian Minister and public school teacher whom she credits for her humanitarianism.

An excruciatingly shy child, Patterson spent much of her time alone...thinking, feeling, dreaming and watching… Her interest in art began in earnest in Junior High School. when, she quickly learned that she could communicate more easily visually.

Patterson earned degrees in both art and education followed by careers spanning over 30 years (to date) creating and teaching art.

Asked when she decided to focus on art that conveys social and political messages, Patterson responded “It gradually evolved as I was creating art that was meaningful to me. Once I realized the tremendous power that images can have to make people comfortable or uncomfortable, happy or sad, settled or unsettled, I knew I had a voice. I decided to use my voice to encourage people to see, think and feel – something not always valued in our culture. Awareness replaces ignorance and opens up the possibility of change. If you can’t ignore it, then you may feel compelled to change it. I don’t recall any one thing prompting that decision. Just a strong need to communicate and share ideas and emotions.

And where do her seemingly endless stream of ideas come from? “I believe that most of my ideas come through me, not from me. Sometimes, ideas simply pop into my head seemingly from nowhere. Other times, some political or social situation will appear in my conversations, in the news, in a movie or in many other ways — repeatedly, beckoning me to paint them”.

Patterson’s award winning watercolor paintings have been exhibited extensively throughout the United States in both group and solo exhibitions including The Bond St. Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, The Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA , The Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center in Solomons, Maryland and The Arts & Literature Laboratory in New Haven CT.

Awards include 1st Prize in The Dayton Ohio International Museum Of Peace International Juried Peace Arts Exhibition. Awards include: Juror’s Award Of Excellence for the Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center National Juried Exhibition: ”Ebb & Flow: The Power Of Water”; several Award’s Of Excellence and a Featured Artist Award from Manhattan Arts International; First Prize at The Dayton International Peace Museum for their National Juried Exhibition of Art Encouraging Peace; the Nelda Howell Memorial Award from the Hudson Valley Art Association’s 72nd Annual National Juried Art Exhibition (Hastings-On-Hudson, NY).

Emotional Display

Watercolor | 27 x 35 inches

Entering The Fairy Tale

Watercolor | 27 x 35 inches

Ghost In The Machine

Watercolor | 27 x 35 inches


Watercolor | 31 x 37 inches


Watercolor | 27 x 35 inches

Coming Home

Watercolor | 27 x 35 inches


Watercolor | 30 x 37 inches

Slow Service

Watercolor | 27 x 35 inches
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Artist’s Statement

I create highly refined watercolor paintings that often explode with psychological resonance - with a sensitivity towards beauty and strength achieved through truth and honesty. My work is a continuing search for deep understanding of the human condition - fascinating in its capacity for great kindness and mercy yet also great malevolence. Throughout my body of work: children repeatedly symbolize vulnerability and an unfeigned soul, connections between past and present are examined through the manipulation of black and white with color, and realistic and fantastic images may be juxtaposed to fabricate a surreal certainty. I strive to give voice to difficult social and political subjects in an attempt to encourage thought, emotion and dialogue.

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