Oil Painting

Silvia Paci

YEAR 1991
MEDIUM Oil painting

Selfportrait 1

Oil on canvas | 100 x 120 cm | 2018

Selfportrait 2

Oil on canvas | 100 x 120 cm | 2018

War Child

Oil on canvas | 150 x 100 cm | 2018


Oil on canvas | 150 x 120 cm | 2017

The Got Lost

Oil and stucco on canvas | 100 x 100 cm | 2018


Oil on canvas | 80 x 60 cm | 2018

The twins

Oil on paper | 40 x 40 cm | 2016

Unclear beauty

Oil on canvas | 70 x 50 cm | 2018

Deep blue

Oil on canvas | 100 x 80 cm | 2018


Oil on canvas | 71 x 101 cm | 2018
Statement —

In my artistic research I consider the work of art as an ambiguous stimulus. This stimulus can have different meanings based on his projective characteristics. The choice to represent ambiguous images allows the viewer a wide range of interpretation, so that each individual can project his or her values and feelings. I think that painting should represent the real without being realistic. Create the illusion not through the copy but through the decomposition of the subjects, the cutting of the images and the choose of the colours. I want my painting to show beyond what it describes. In general I think art communicates emotions not for the object itself but for the feeling that are activated through the viewer. Painting makes the invisible visible, reminding us that what we see doesn’t arrive already full of meaning. It represent phenomena that are absent from the conventional vision, through signs and forms that require interpretation. I don’t want to make realistic paintings that merely copies the world we already believe to know but rather I believe that an artist should focus on relationships and interstices creating a new “world".


2019 Digital Humanity, PARATISSIMA art fair , Milan, fabbrica del vapore.

2019 ExPEausition, PARATISSIMA, Bologna, magazzini romagnoli.

2018 Ricordati di me, CAD divulgarti , Palazzo Saluzzo, Genova, Italy.

2018 Selim window art, Avery perfume gallery, Modena, Italy.

2018 Small size e vitamine, Camec, centre for modern and contemporary art, La spezia, Italy.

2017 Amore e Psiche, Fonderia Cultart/ ex Chiesa di s Giovanni, Prato, Italy.

2017 Artvent, KUNSTFABRIK HB55, Berlin.