Oil Painting

Sílvia Marieta

YEAR 1982
MEDIUM Oil painting


Sílvia Marieta was born in Lisbon (Portugal) in 1982.

Like any child, she began to draw from an early age, the taste remained, and quickly caught the attention of teachers, parents and friends with her drawings. During the adolescent she started to paint oil on canvas on her own initiative, and in 2001 went to the University of Fine Arts to the University of Lisbon, in Portugal, to study painting. Finishes her degree in 2006, and it was also in that same year that she participated in her first exhibition, but it was only after 2010 that she began to be more frequent in exhibitions, for being associated to several portuguese and spanish associations of artists, which made it possible to participate in international collective exhibitions and some on national soil. She dedicates herself full-time to painting, and has several portraits in private collections in Portugal, Spain, France…

Resides in Portugal, in the beautiful Templar city of Tomar, and dedicates herself, whenever possible, to painting compositions with the human being as the main highlight, and often some commissioned paintings. And is always trying to improve her knowledge of painting in workshops (Realistic Art Atelier of Porto, Barcelona Academy of Art…) and also doing some research, in books or on the internet.

01 —

How do you define your art?

Emotional figurative painting. My goal is not to raise questions, but to be able to convey and provoke emotions through visual stimulation. Snatch or tease with an image.

Statement —

Through the representation of the human figure I have tried to express certain states of soul. Sometimes I think I'm also trying to represent a specific moment, crystallize, something inherent in human experience, but I do not know exactly what it is, it's something related to emotions, feelings, senses, the culmination of something, that the human being serves as a vehicle.

My work is meant to be enjoyed or judged based upon its aesthetic attributes. Input from the artist and written supporting statements are not needed.

The human being who interests me to paint is a being devoid of props, I do not want to identify him at a certain time, I want him to be a timeless being, as if he could have lived at any time. Technically my material of election is oil on canvas, and for me it makes perfect sense to represent a very realistic, almost palpable being and then insert it isolated in an ethereal scenario, in an attempt to bring into the reality something more.

02 —

What does it express?

Emotional pain, anguish, isolation, passion, rapture, life and death, in a romantic and idealized way. The beauty of the human dark side!

In the fall

Oil on canvas | 90 x 150 cm | 2014

Looking for balance

Oil on canvas | 180 x 130 cm | 2012


Oil on canvas | 90 x 70 cm | 2018


Oil on canvas | 100 x 60 cm | 2018


Oil on canvas | 90 x 55 cm | 2019

Until the essence

Acrylic and oil on canvas | 50 x 120 cm | 2013

Collective Exhibitions (selection)

2019- 3ª International Gaia Art Biennial, Seia’s Polo (invited artist), House of culture, Seia, Portugal;

“A Dream within a dream”, Penumbra Art Gallery, Portugal;

2018 - “Portrait”, Metamorfose Gallery, Porto, Portugal;

2017 - “Pocket Art”, Sete Gallery, Coimbra, Portugal;

“Pandora's Box”, Exibicionista Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal;

03 —

How does it reflect yourself?

It´s my view of the world and my relationship with others, a love-hate relationship with them and myself.