Oil on Canvas

Samuel Shelton

YEAR 1986
MEDIUM Oil painting


Story of an Artist

Samuel Shelton is a talented painter whose portrait and figurative oil paintings draw in the viewer and provide a raw look into his subject’s persona.  His specialty is any painting revolving around the human subject which includes but is not limited to: historical subjects, biblical scenes, mythological works, or imaginative and fantasy scenes. He studied painting from the Academy of Art University, but much of his study comes from visits to museums and literature on the techniques and practices of the Old Masters. 

Well, That Escalated Quickly

Oil on panel | 30 x 30 inches

A Warm Feeling Knowing

Oil on linen | 20 x 24 inches

Girl With A Steel Earring

Oil on panel | 24 x 24 inches

Black Tea

Oil on panel | 24 x 36 inches
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“I am moved to paint when I am faced with beauty, drama and power. At times I am faced with these elements when I sing an old hymn in Church. At other times it is when I see light piercing the darkness in a persons story. Everytime it is when I see my beautiful wife, or the knocked knees of my children, or the majesty of an impending storm. When drama and beauty and power collide together then I am wrecked and need to paint.”

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