Oil painting

Patricia Ramírez

YEAR 1960


The portraits of

Patricia Ramírez is a Mexican painter living in Guadalajara Jalisco, certified and formed from Universidad de Guadalajara as a public accountant. In parallel, she has had an approach to art in diverse disciplines such as oil painting and drawing. She has improved her skills with workshops and courses with recognized professors in the last ten years.

On the other hand, Patricia's work has been at several collective exhibitions, some of her work belongs to collectors from different countries such as France, Mexico, the United States of America, and Colombia.

Hilando Sueños

Oil on linen | 50 x 70 cm | $ 1,500


Oil on panel | 30 x 40 cm | $ 1,000


Oil on linen | 49 x 70 cm | $ 1,500


Oil on linen | 50 x 70 cm | $ 1,500


Oil on linen | 60 x 70 cm | $ 1,450


Oil on panel | 50 x 70 cm | $ 1,200

Solsticio de Invierno

Oil on canvas | 60 x 80 cm | $ 1,400

Vientos de Cambio

Oil and Silver leaf on canvas | 50 x 70 cm | $ 1,300
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These elements are usually ephemeral, and I like to explore this relationship with humanity to express resilience and strength.

She mainly focuses on narrative portraits where women and children hold to one element, such as objects or animals that will inspire the spectator feelings of hope and consolation. Her work is an exploration of the human condition and its close relationship with nature, having clay, pieces paper, or little objects as the main characters. “These elements are usually ephemeral, and like to explore this relationship with humanity to express resilience and strength.”

"I usually see my painting as a friend, I tell her how I feel, and she listens. Ideas are born, and I turn to her, and she gives me feedback that helps me to build and shape the expression. As a result, I might change or rearrange the elements, or even, I might modify the original idea to express what she is telling me from her soul."

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