Oil Painting

Manuel Luna

YEAR 1970
MEDIUM Oil painting


Imaginative paintings

Manuel Luna is a Sevillian painter. The work of this self-taught artist has passed through galleries in New York, Chicago or Berlin. The brush adhered to his hand in his earliest childhood and since then he has not wanted to separate from it. He is a founder of a workshop scope art called ‘Craneo Creacion’, located in Seville.

La obsesión de Ícaro

Oil on canvas | 170 x 97 cm

Aequanimitas, el pensamiento estoico

Oil on canvas | 100 x 150 cm
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Artists statement

Immersed in the world of painting for more than two decades, this self-taught painter and advisor advocates optimism and realism. Bet on a clear message, establishing the dialogue between work and spectator. Express the concern of the human being. The social denunciation is felt, but it fights for the praise of the optimism of the world that surrounds us.

His vision has led him to coined the term Arts not for minorities that stipulates that art must reach everyone, being serious and true, requiring feedback. He pointed out that everyone has "the right to know, understand and acquire art."

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