Oil on Canvas

Kristen Eisenbraun

YEAR 1990
MEDIUM Oil painting


Story of an Artist

Kristen Eisenbraun’s paintings explore the relationship between people and nature. In each painting, she immerses a unique human figure into a beautiful and mysterious landscape. The relationship that is created between an individual and their outdoor surroundings becomes very emotional. Art viewers will feel the connection to the figure in the painting and desire to be part of that beautiful and surreal atmosphere created by nature. Each viewer will have a unique relationship with Kristen’s paintings but as they stand before each artwork, they all share the desire to leave the mundane behind, step out of doors and experience the extraordinary.

Kristen's paintings are developed in her imagination. Her inspiration comes from people she passes on the street or of the many magical phenomenons created by mother nature. She uses oil paint on stretched linen to express her ideas and create the stunning pieces of art that can be recognized as her own.

Kristen's unique perspective and incredible technical skills have been widely celebrated. Southwest Art Magazine named Kristen as one of the top young artists to watch and Highlight Hollywood declared her as one of the Best Contemporary American Artists.

Kristen Eisenbraun believes every individual old and young has an uncommon beauty and it is her greatest privilege to have the ability to express their unique soul in paint. 

Domina Silvarum

Oil on linen | 24 x 36 inches

The Tree of Life

Oil on linen | 18 x 24 inches

Under the Sea

Oil on linen | 29 x 17 inches

Story of a Tree 🔴

Oil on canvas | 24 x 36 inches


Oil on canvas | 29 x 53 inches

Lady Raven

Oil on canvas | 30 x 30 inches

A Flying Soul

Oil on canvas | 21 x 26 inches

The Book of Dreams

Oil on canvas | 26 x 32 inches
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Artist Statement

What do you feel when you step out into the glory of the natural world? Do you absorb the complex relationships that drive the cycle of life? Throughout history, people have created myths as a way of expressing their traditional understanding of nature, and art as the prime story- telling medium. Today, we are no different; our connection with nature is failing because we have allowed our mythology to drift away.

My art beseeches the viewer to consider her/his own mythology – to strengthen their personal connection to nature. I seek to paint a universal story by depicting individual spirits that interact with the world. By merging a mythology that is appropriate for today’s struggles and stresses, with a classical realism technique, I hope to restore the viewers’ innate relationship with the earth biome. I fuse the recognizable with the imaginative to open a window to the breeze of mythological understanding. My work begins with the vulnerable state of today’s eco-realism and creates a path to comprehensive freshness.

Like the inspired painters of the pre-Raphaelites and French Romanticism, I build my technique to answer the deepest questions of today. Who are we? How do we infuse our personal journey on this planet with magnanimous care for all life? I work to help guide our evolution toward a functional place in the wholeness of life with fluid, earth-colored, and textured brushstrokes. My work combines classical realism with unsuspected surprises, nuanced to jar the viewer’s sense of environmental security. I see my art as a pathway toward human- ecological connection. 

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