Oil Painting

He Lihuai 何力怀

YEAR 1961
MEDIUM Oil painting


The original of perceptive´s beauty

Oil on linen | 158 x 96 cm | 2019


Oil on copper | 27 x 19 cm | 2017


Oil on linen | 50 x 40 cm | 2017

Gold age

Oil on copper | 33 x 24 cm | 2019


Oil on copper | 33 x 24 cm | 2019
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Artistic Career: 1989-2013

He ́s paintings have been exhibited regularly at home and abroad as well as at the art auction company gave held by the organizations like Baoli and Zhongding, many of which have been kept by domestic and overseas art lovers.

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How do you define your art? What does it express? How does it reflect yourself?

I would like to cite some words by Mr. Wang Ruiting, a critic, saying, “In today’s art circles where conceptualism, photography and video art are getting popular, He Lihuai has kept his heart to realism, and explored his painting style, a combination of symbolism and fantasy. His painting is product of his self-dialogues. With his exquisite vocabulary of classical realism, he has depicted young girls who are lonely and beautiful. Through unreal space and non-reproducible colors, he has built a surrealistic dream world, and expressed modern people’s internal loneliness, worries, and desires to escape from the reality.” Painting has been my hobby since my childhood. Over the past decades, accompanied by painting, I have experienced ups and downs, and taken painting as part of my life! The reason why I still adhere to realism lies in the constant changes in my mind. Only through realism, can I put my imagination and passion in a free world to fly.

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Where does your inspiration come from? What do you express and deliver through your works?

Inspiration run across in different ways. Sometimes some objects, which seem irrelevant and far away from each other, could inspire innovative ideas if you connect them together. Sometimes I have good composition in dreams, and draw it from memories. Sometimes meaningful pictures flash through my mind when I ride bicycles or swim. Sometimes I use sea snails to observe subtle changes in the hue of women’s skin. Of course, it is most important to get inspired in artworks. When I appreciate masters’ original works, I always have the impulse to paint. Music, classical music, especially Bach, makes me feel beauty of hue, light and rhythm, like Vermeer’s oil paintings. Jazz inspires me to compose various elements in layout, which makes me confident in integrating external objects and subjective imagery into new visions in a reasonable way. In this way, auditory pleasure is translated into visual pleasure. Recently, inspired by cursive handwriting, one of traditional Chinese calligraphy styles, I have got some new ideas about abstract sculpture. It is that two-dimensional lines of cursive handwriting may be transformed into three-dimensional sculptures.