Oil Painting

HakChul Kim

YEAR 1981
MEDIUM Oil painting


Sculpting with Paint into the Echo of Soul

HakChul Kim is an oil painter in New York City. Born in South Korea in 1981. He had an interest in figurative painting and drawing ever since he was a child. He studied and enjoyed painting and drawing for figure works himself. In 2010, he decided to move to the United States to study figurative artwork. He started to study fine art at Academy of Art University in San Francisco 2015 and he graduated from the New York Academy of Art in New York 2017. For the last ten years, His meaning of life became an artist to pursue humanity. He began in deep thought by our human nature. At first, he fell in love with the beauty of the human body. However, he concentrates more on the inside human being through the human body.

He was longing for what was wriggling inside him and how to explode it on the surface, and all the time he was looking for a way. He realized that technique is the same as becoming a farmer and engaging in agriculture. The seeds of faith, effort, and passion are sowing on the canvas. The layers that build up on oil paints give him infinite inspiration and add weight to the soul. As a result, he established extraordinary technique of oil paint skill with his beliefs and efforts. And it is ongoing. He is inspired by Michelangelo, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh. He is learning the human beauty and agony through Michelangelo, understanding lights and shade of the color through Rembrandt, and learning about the life of the artist through Van Gogh. He relates to their views of life, artistic presentation, and attitudes to art. It is austere purity or sublime for art and painter’s conviction and struggle.

Origin III

Oil on panel | 97 x 66 inches | $80,000

Origin II

Oil on panel | 112 x 97 inches | NFS

Origin I

Oil on panel | 96 x 67 inches | $80,000

Origin Dawn

Oil on panel | 48 x 36 inches | $40,000

Origin Dusk

Oil on panel | 48 x 36 inches | $40,000

Origin Night

Oil on linen | 57 x 32 inches | $30,000

Origin Day

Oil on linen | 57 x 32 inches | $30,000

The Advent

Oil on panel | 48 x 36 inches | $8,000

Labor 🔴

Oil on panel | 18 x 24 inches | SOLD

Origin White Night

Oil on panel | 83 x 80 inches | $80,000


Oil on panel | 24 x 36 inches | $5,000


Oil on canvas | 48 x 72 inches | $7,000
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Artist statement

The Artist is always looking for something through human beings and constantly looking for something. The body that we all have and the inner thing that leads it. It is also called the soul, the mind or the spirit and the ego. However, we have not yet reached that truth. And he decided to throw the buzzword on himself, and he wants to take a long journey to find this by looking at the answer of our essence and the essence of mankind through the oil painting story of Origin. The Artist strongly believes that this is the direction that humanity should move forward and is the meaning of life. The inner message he wants to convey through the external human body is a long journey and epic journey to find the essence of humanity under the theme of Origin of Humanity. It is sometimes expressed as a moment when we lose our essence, and it is also expressed as a moment of intense resistance to that loss. Moreover, His artworks engage with ways to preserve our human nature. He expresses the preciousness of human nature, which reveals itself through depicting human body parts without embellishment as part of nature. The human nature that he communicates with the optimism about human potential and in accordance with that caution of itself. The Artist duty is to dedicate creative "Origin" artwork with rooted agony for the completeness of artistic merit. And he is starting to believe "My painting has got an echo of the soul."

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Group Exhibitions

2020 – Group Exhibition for Artist Choice 2020 at Foundry Gallery, DC

2020 – Solo Show at LaGuardia Community College, NY

2019 – Allied Artist of America, INC Group Exhibition at The Salmagundi Club, NY

2019 – JanKossen Contemporary, Fresh Naked Group Exhibition, NY.

2018 – Gallery MC, Transformation: Art Competition Group Exhibition, NY.

2018 - Dacia Gallery, Eight-Year Anniversary Group Exhibition, NY.

2018 - The Factory LIC, Summer Exhibition Group Show, NY.

2017 – Anese Project, [Mom & I] Gallery Night + After Party, Group Show, NY.

2017 - Space 776 gallery, Group Show “Realized”, NY.

2017 - Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong.

2015 - 111 Minna Gallery group show “Legacy & Divergence” in San Francisco, CA.

2015 - Group Show “STROKE” exhibition in San Francisco, CA.

2015 - De Young Museum, 19th Annual New Generations: Student Showcase Divergence: Emerging Legacies “Ancient Human”, “The Farmer’s Son”, San Francisco, CA.

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