Eric Vanel

YEAR 1970
MEDIUM Sculpture


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Eric Vanel is graduated from the Université de Technologie de Compiègne (France), where he studied mechanical engineering and Industrial Design. He has worked 25 years in the automotive industry. In parallel, he is collaborating with several game publishers, producing various illustrations and maps. In 2008, he discovers sculpture, modeling characters coming from the pop art culture. But it is in 2013, by interacting with several professional sculptors, that sculpting took a new dimension in his life. It became a real passion, which drove him into pathways and adventures constantly renewed. More recently, working with live models enabled him to get aware of how interactive the creation process can as well be.


Bronze | 43 cm H x 19cm W x 15cm D (base included)
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Artist statement

“I am fascinated by the language of the human body, of the face, by the emotion a posture can produce. Inspiration often starts with the raw emotion from a photography, an illustration. From this two-dimensional material I try to compose, to use this language to tell a story, in three dimensions.” “Balance is key. But unbalance as well. The initial stage of the process will give the strength but as well the sensuality of the sculpture. It took me years to take the time to find the proper balance, before rushing into the details. It is now the stage that I prefer, the very “moment of creation” when the sculpture becomes an attitude.”

“As a contemporary figurative sculptor, I try to keep my freedom, respecting the academic codes, but not being tied by them, shaping my own journey into the artistic creative process.”

Education —

2019, 2017, 2015 Sculpture courses with Romain Van Den Bogaert.

2015, 2013 Sculpture courses with Cyril Roquelaine.

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