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Whether you are an artist or an art collector, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about the Collector Master's platform. We offer unique membership plans, publishing and interview opportunities in the Guide Artists Magazine, presenting artwork to collectors and art professionals, unique website portals with individual domain names, custom branding and design as well as promotional videos.

If you are a collector and would like to find the perfect artwork or connect to a specific artist and request a purchase, we are here to assist you and find the perfect fit for you! We showcase only the top quality representational art of the best living and working artists of today.

If you are an artist, fill out the Artist Submission form to create an artist account. Upon acceptance of membership, you may upload your artwork and start selling your art! We are here to help and assist you with the process of presenting your artwork to collectors and art professionals, offering you endless possibilities of world-wide exposure through our exceptional services.

We strive to provide you with excellence, ease, comfort and help in anything you need!


Artwork Inquiry

The Request Form for purchasing this artwork will be sent to the artist to inform them of the collector's purchase inquiry. The artist and collector will follow the conditions set by the artist, including availability of artwork for sale, price of artwork, shipping of artwork to specified countries and the shipping timeline agreed upon the artist and collector. The buyer is responsible for the payment of shipping and handling costs upon delivery of the artwork to its destination.

The artist is responsible for the shipping and handling of this artwork to the collector, providing an invoice with shipping costs and import and custom duties information associated with this artwork. The buyer of this artwork is responsible to cover all costs of shipping and handling of this artwork, including any import and custom duties required by the collector's country of residence.