Carlos Ferg

YEAR 1977


At present I´m focused on a new figurative project, based on develop the symbolist concept from 19th century in a new way, trying to show how has been the role of women in our society for a century and half.

Carlos Ferg, born in 1977, is a Spanish artist who currently lives and creates his paintings in his studio in Manchester, United Kingdom. After living in several cities in Spain, during a part of his childhood and adolescence, he graduated majoring in Art History from the UCLM University in Spain, 2001. Throughout his life and art career, he has refined his drawing and became interested and inspired by oil painting in the year 2010. He has sold his works in United Kingdom, United States, Norway, France and Spain.

Carlos Ferg is represented by Carré d ́Artistes Gallery in France and in addition, he has expanded the channels to show his work through online art auctions, due to their ability to divulge work globally. He has had the opportunity to publicize his work exhibiting at the Manifest Art Manchester and also displaying his work at The Liverpool Art Book edited by Emma Bennet. He has a professional studio at Awol Studios, Manchester, UK. A space for artistic and creative development, which brings together a hundred spaces, creating a unique community and artistic environment.

Dominion over the ancient mariners | $ 1,450

Acrylic on canvas | 100 x 100 cm | 2020

Enigma | $ 1,550

Acrylic on canvas | 120 x 76 cm | 2020

Ligeia | $ 1,450

Acrylic on canvas | 100 x 76 cm | 2020

Paraisos Artificiales | $ 1,350

Acrylic on canvas | 50 x 120 cm | 2020

Horizon | $ 890

Acrylic on canvas | 50 x 50 cm | 2019

Isolation | $ 1,250

Acrylic on canvas | 80 x 80 cm | 2020

Tempus fugit | $ 1,250

Acrylic on canvas | 80 x 80 cm | 2019

The Pre-existence of memory | $ 990

Acrylic on canvas | 50 x 75 cm | 20xx
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Artist Statement

My subject matter addresses the space in cityscapes seeking to expose vital concerns of the human existence such as solitude, the existential distress caused by the time passing, the underlying concept of death, emptiness and absence. In my artwork, the viewer becomes the main character, the only point of view able to feel solitude, usually absorbed in an urban overcrowded space. It is about transmitting the idea that we can feel totally alone in a city, aliened by everything, empty and far from any hint of humanity, despite living continually surrounded by people and stimuli. It is something that constantly exists around us, and most of the time we ignore it because it happens to others. It is a purely existential vision of reality.

As the author, I seek to catch the light as a meaningful supplier of human emotions. The contrast of light and shadow seeks to intensify those emotions that persistently affect us. A constant in my work is the reflection of water, coming to mark a duality between the real and the unreal, the objective being the reality that is presented and the subjective reflecting it, as the observer's own reality. The different architectural styles, together with the light, focus their attention on the emotions. My painting style is realistic, in some cases capturing a more objective representation of reality, in others capturing a subjective reality, through the gradual exploration of shades of the same colour, in others it is simply black and white and corresponding grey scale, giving the painting a photographic appearance.

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