Oil Painting

Benítez Gabriel

YEAR 1973
MEDIUM Oil painting


The muse and the artist

Fernando Benítez Gabriel was born in Cádiz, Spain on October 9th, 1973. He is the son of the Cadiz sculptor Nando. Gabriel spent his childhood playing in his father's sculpture studio, where he learned some of his main sculpting techniques. Through his father's studio exposure, he later made contacts with other artists in the local arts community. At the age of 10 he attended the school of the painter Antonio Torres-Bru and studied at the school of Fine Arts in Cádiz, specializing in advertising, engraving and stamping techniques. He also studied stone carving and wood carving in the city of Seville. He became a professional artist since 2003, and began to manage his father's art gallery and studio found in 1979 called "Galería de Arte Nando", located in the central Buenos Aires street in Cádiz, Spain. In 2003 he lived in the Canadian city of Montreal, where he created and exhibited his works for a year.

Benitez Gabriel is a recipient of many important awards such as the Flags of Andalusia Awards, Unicaja Awards, Official Awards of the Cádiz Carnival Group Contest, Constitutional Women Awards, among others. He is the creator of the monument to the Cádiz CF fans in 2019. He is also a winner of different outdoor painting awards, including Puerto de Santa María, Los Toruños Natural Park, Puerto Real, Benaocaz, Grazalema, Bornos, Morón, La Quilla (Cádiz), San Fernando, Olvera, and Mijas.

Flamencos 1

Oil on canvas | 167 x 103 cm | 6,000 €

Flamencos 2

Oil on canvas | 73 x 50 cm | 1,800 €

Flamencos 3

Oil on canvas | 146 x 114 cm | 4,000 €

Flamencos 4

Oil on canvas | 50 x 100 cm | 2,000 €


Oil on canvas | 146 x 97 cm | 2,000 €

Plaza de Las Flores 🔴

Oil on canvas | 114 x 146 cm | 3,500 €
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Artist statement

I define myself as a figurative artist, a continuator of Andalusian painting and sculpture. I create without any aesthetic or geographical leaps, from my own contemporary vision, while still admiring other trends and proposals that I contribute to my own work to the extent to which creativity itself demands it to create the image that I pursue. To do this, I search the most intimate scenes, delighting in a personal environment related to the world of flamenco, the sea, sensuality and sexuality within the urban and cultural landscape where I live. I pursue the exact color of the light of southern Spain in its special impact on shapes, shadows, skin, sand, sea, and fabrics...recreating myself in the construction of a new image that I intend to revive, filtered by my personal aesthetic filters.

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