YEAR 2006
SIZE 30 x 37 inches
PRICE $ 3,000

01. Inspiration

I create highly refined watercolor paintings that often explode with psychological resonance - with a sensitivity towards beauty and strength achieved through truth and honesty. My work is a continuing search for deep understanding of the human condition - fascinating in its capacity for great kindness and mercy yet also great malevolence. Throughout my body of work: children repeatedly symbolize vulnerability and an unfeigned soul, connections between past and present are examined through the manipulation of black and white with color, and realistic and fantastic images may be juxtaposed to fabricate a surreal certainty. I strive to give voice to difficult social and political subjects in an attempt to encourage thought, emotion and dialogue.

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02. The Painting

Item number: PSPatterson07


Watercolor | 30 x 37 inches

PRICE $ 3,000

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