Oil on canvas

Pokemons catcher

YEAR 2018
SIZE 200 x 150 cm
PRICE $ 45,000

01. Inspiration

Kurbanov's favorite themes are childhood, youth, and the beauty of a woman. He likes carefully study faces and objects. His understanding of the beauty is in the connection of the physical and material with the spiritually significant. He does not correct the "wrongness" of reality, but spiritualizes it. There is no fuss in Arsene's works. His paintings are filled with solemn, majestic rhythm. There appears a specific span of time, people or objects that he depicts are not momentary and not transient; they shine through eternity, even if it is portraits of friends or still-lifes with simple pumpkins. The artist brings the formula of the classical portrait to the ultimate, purified state, dissolving the concreteness of the time and place, signs of social status or professional affiliation.

02. The Painting

Item number: PSKurba003

Pokemons catcher | 2018

Oil on canvas | 200 x 150 cm

PRICE $ 45,000

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