Oil on linen


YEAR 2017
SIZE 80 x 54 inches
PRICE $ 10,500

01. Inspiration

My work is blending classical realism with mythological narratives in a way that, as I imagine we have always needed to do, blurs and twists the line between abstraction and realism. My work is endeavoring toward the texture, fluidity, and grandness that I have always admired from great traditional painters from Baroque to Mannerist to Impressionism and beyond. I look for the bridges in technique as well as narrative. How can I meld mythological narratives across time and culture to convey their universality? How can I fuse realism with abstraction until the two can better convey our evolved story? Every painting is a question answered in the process and in the viewing.

02. The Painting

Item number: PSRemmers01

Metharme | 2017

Oil on linen | 80 x 54 inches

PRICE $ 10,500

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