Mixed Media

Amro Ashry

YEAR 1987


Modern Figurative & Contemporary Digital Artist

Amro Ashry is a full-time professional Portrait Digital Artist. He holds a Bachelors Degree (Hons) in Art & Graphic Design. His love for art has accompanied him since the early age.

The final renderings of his artworks are very close to traditional paintings. Most of his work is based on romance, social idols, and the representation of the feminine. He creates art that speaks to people's hearts and exhibits the hidden beauty that is beyond common realities and mixing of different colors and textures stimulates deep contrast that appeals to the eye and makes his works lively. His portraits are characterized by deep backgrounds of digitally mixed bright and dark colors that contrast sharply, yet resonate seamlessly with the subject.

Fueled by passion and determination, artist Amro Ashry has now become an award-winning artist. Though his art style varies from time to time, it always revolves around a common theme – The beauty of women. By looking at his gallery, which showcases various series like Beautiful in White, Pretty Faces, Hot Like Fire and many more, the prevailing theme can be easily seen.

All presenting different styles. He often adds quotes alongside his digitally painted portraits: “The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides”.

His artworks have been featured for the best international selling art magazines such as The Guide Artists - Spain, Photoshop Creative - UK, Art Tour International Magazine - USA, Wedding Guide - Malaysia as well as numerous Art publishers.

Lastly, Amro has been awarded as one of the Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art from Art Tour International Magazine New York - France 2016.

The Sound of Silence

Digital Art | 22 x 28 inches | 2020

Feeling Cold

Digital Art | 24 x 36 inches | 2020

Thinking Of You

Digital Art | 22 x 28 inches | 2020

Key To My Soul

Digital Art | 22 x 28 inches | 2020

Leaving Yesterday Behind

Digital Art | 22 x 36 inches | 2020

I Will Remember You

Digital Art | 22 x 36 inches | 2020

I Won't Last A Day Without You

Digital Art | 22 x 36 inches | 2020

When You Say Nothing at All

Digital Art | 22 x 36 inches | 2020
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Artist's Statement

My artistic knowledge began with my dad, who taught me how to draw simple things. from that time that I discovered that the art laid in my blood.

When I was only 12 years of age, I started using Photoshop. Since then I have decided to learn more about the software and practicing a lot each day to develop my skill, After several years of practicing my passion and my determination led me to create perfect digitally painted portraits and working as a professional full-time digital artist.

I have specialized in various styles of digital paintings including glamour models, celebrities, figurative art, boudoir art, wedding portraits, family portraits and many more to suit my clients' needs and tastes. I like to change my art styles from time to time, but the inspiration for my art has always been the beauty of a woman.

I like to turn my clients’ homes into a museum with the addition of modern and contemporary wall art and adds visual interest to any room with high-quality wall art in a hallway, living room, bedroom or modern bathroom. I like to provide a unique art that comes in a huge array of styles that will bring your space into the new century and beyond and make your House Beautiful.

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Shipping Costs

I offer ZERO Shipping Cost because once the Art Collector made the full payment, the Art Collector will receive the finished High-Quality artwork digital files directly from me through email which includes (JPEG 300dpi & TIFF) and these files are ready for printing on any material that Art Collector likes as suggested on the category "Perfect Printing Materials".

Certificate of Authenticity . After the purchase of any selected artworks, Art Collector will receive a Certificate of Authenticity via email

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