Professional Artist

Arsen Kurbanov

Kurbanov's favorite themes are childhood, youth, and the beauty of a woman.

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Christopher Remmers

Oil painting

Imaginative realism painter

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José Manuel Martínez Pérez


Entering the human essence of sculpture

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Professional Artist

He Lihuai

Chinese artist living Beijing.Member of the China Fine Art Association.
Signature Status of Portrait Society of America

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Sílvia Marieta

Through the representation of the human figure
I have tried to express certain states of soul.

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Arsen Kurbanov

Kurbanov's favorite themes are childhood, youth, and the beauty of a woman. He likes carefully study faces and objects. His understanding of the beauty is in the connection of the physical and material with the spiritually significant.

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Anna Marinova

Anna Marinova was born in 1983. in St. Petersburg. In 2010 graduated from the Repin St.Petersburg State Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, workshop easel painting professor Vasily Sokolov (1915—2013).

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Barbara Ābeltiņa

Her paintings represent the idea that the art of our age does not necessarily have to carry an artificially added concept to fit the existing view that "art must have a meaning."

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