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8 Figurative Oil Paintings by Russian Artist Arsen Kurbanov

Famous Russian artist and teacher
of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts.

Kurbanov's favorite themes are childhood, youth, and the beauty of a woman. He likes carefully study faces and objects. His understanding of the beauty is in the connection of the physical and material with the spiritually significant.

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An Interview withIva Troj.
Contemporary style with renaissance touch.

Bulgarian-born artist Iva Troj, creates surreal paintings inspired by both contemporary and traditional narratives, echoing the era of Renaissance art. Her artworks are meticulously detailed, depicting female subjects in graceful and innocent poise, along with various strange elements in the background — creating a beautiful, fantastical dreamscape.

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Oil painting

Figurative paintings
and nudes of Anna Marinova.
Dancing Naked Painting.

Anna Marinova was born in 1983. in St. Petersburg. In 2010 graduated from the Repin St.Petersburg State Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, workshop easel painting professor Vasily Sokolov (1915—2013).



She wakes us up and
Raises our Awareness.
Art to start the conversation.

“Valerie Patterson stands out among her peers as an artist who expresses an acute sensitivity to the human condition with unerring poignancy and technical prowess”. Renee Philips - Manhattan Arts International


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  • Louise Candau

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    Collector Masters is a new great company through which to purchase art. I rated it a 4 as I had no communication with the artist and therefore no idea when my purchase was to arrive. I happened to be home, so all was well in the end. Perhaps, artist (most do as this is not my first purchase) could send along tracking numbers once the art is mailed.

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    Excellent and outstanding art. Very good communication, secure delivery and payment. Absolutely recommended for collectors. The best artists. More artists please!.

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